What’s the catch?

So my very own blog! What do you know…I am almost as shocked as most of my naysayers are! (Lol) When the publishing company first said I should start a blog to build up marketing wise, I passed over the idea. Then I thought “Well…I pretty much blog on my social media sites. Why not make a habit of it?” So here I am! As you all know (or should know) my name is Tyrika and I’m a first time author of the book “Inside Out”. From the image above you can pretty much tell what my goal is. I don’t necessarily know the girls in this photo but what I do know is that they still have a chance. And while they all look pretty happy, there are girls who if not them, look just like them, who life hasn’t been easy for. Those are the girls who are forced to pretend like everything is ok; who get made fun of if they seem too fat, too black, too light, too sad, too happy, too colorful, too bland, too much of anything really. Those are the girls who I intend to reach; black, white, Asian, Korean, Jamaican, African. I want to help them all. Children in general are normally forced to hide behind their family walls and pretend all is either “alright” or “normal”. Meanwhile, their mental health, self esteem and self love are targeted and hit every day. I want to expose those issues an knock down those walls. Let them know you are not alone! And while I may be very blunt, open and opinionated (to say the least), I’m never 100% right! I welcome all feedback so long as you know I can dish it, take it and dish it right back! I want to awaken the mind to uncomfortable situations and issues; make you aware and make the uncomfortable comfortable! So let the debates begin. 🙂


  1. I spend a lot of time on the internet, and if it’s one thing I like it’s good writing. I’ve read a few of your blog posts and as big of a fan of my ribs I am a fan of your writing. One guess as to who this is…


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