Apparently you’re not famous until you have a hashtag! #TeacherBae

So!!!!! Since this topic has been swarming through the blogs, social media and even the news I thought I’d offer my two cents!! And this is where I become the “not so popular” one. Here are my scenarios: Scenario#1 Patrice Brown is a Georgia 4th grade teacher minding her own business when some thirst bucket of a person decides to probably make an inappropriate comment on her pic and then proceeds to share her picture and talk about how she can “teach them whatever she wants” and I am sure much worse and cornier lines. Scenario #2 Patrice Brown is a Georgia 4th grade teacher minding her own business and some over obsessive drought bucket sees her statuses and pic updates and/or sees her at the school and decides to discuss how inappropriate she is and how “women like her only want attention” and I am sure much worse and bitter lines.

My point?? Patrice Brown is a Georgia 4th grade teacher minding her own business and someone decides that because she does not color within their lines or fit into their social norms of what a school teacher looks like, that they have the right to make her photos a public survey as if this survey is then going to make her say “Oh well since the majority rules, I will go ahead and change who I am.” I believe that is what normally would happen because everyone is not strong enough to stand in their own truth and love their own mind and do what makes THEM happy without caving in to the social norms and ways of society. Do you honestly think she is the first teacher to wear a body con or form fitting jeans to work or these pictures were her only times wearing things like this? No but I am sure she is one of few that decided not to conform to the ways of the world. Or do you think that the teacher fantasies and sexual explicit photos that surface the internet just came from a man’s imagination. And last time I checked, heels were a norm at school but I guess only pumps can fit into the idea that people have in their minds as “acceptable”. If she were shaped differently, how would you say then that these pictures in the photo above are different? And in which picture is she posing in a “sexual” manner? Or is it just because she is beautiful and shaped the way most men desire does she automatically get the charge of being “too sexual”.

Meanwhile, while we are looking at her outfit, which student have we found obsessing over her? Last time I checked, nuns and male teachers were raping little girls and boys while wearing “appropriate clothing”. What about if her children are learning anything, if they are passing at or above grade level, or if she assists in tutoring and mentoring programs to help her children be the best they can be? I guess I am just trying to figure out, where did SHE exude her own sexuality? Or did we do it for her and now every child that goes onto the internet and googles “sex” and “teacher” in the same sentence will see a photo of her somewhere down the line. Why is it ok for us to bully people into doing things the way we think they should and yet expect people to still hold it all together and protect their mental health , dreams, goals and want better for the world as a whole? Why do we get to criticize someone for not thinking within our realm and then still expect them to contribute to the same society that neglected their thoughts, body and talent?

Some say that I am bias because I am a thick African American female so I sympathize with her. I think that mentality is only for those stuck inside of that box I speak of and that is again a way to attack and retract someone back into the thinking that society wants them to have. Race only becomes an issue once someone makes it an issue. You only see that our skin color is the same when someone points it out. In all actuality however, if she were a Asian, Caucasian, Korean or Mexican woman facing the same problem I would take a stand. Because when you genuinely stand for something, it is not only excluded to certain people or situations. I stand for breaking out of social norms, mental health, morals, values, sense of being and humanity and I refuse to let one soul be left out in the world to feel alone when they are attacked and degraded because of what they wear, the color of their skin, the size of their hips or any other characteristics that defines their being. Ask yourself “What do you stand for?” and then ask why. If you don’t know why then more than likely, it’s not something you decided for yourself.

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