All Lives Don’t Matter until Black Lives Matter TOO!!

Now, I know that many of you were probably expecting me to post about this sooner than later but I wanted to take a minute and see where I wanted to go with this one. In light of recent events, I didn’t want to get caught up in just one scenario. I didn’t want to address just one particular instance or circumstance. I felt it necessary to touch on this topic as a whole. If you follow me on social media, then you know that there are two things I can debate on all day and night: religion and equality! I am a fan for equal treatment across the entire United States. It just so happens that black people are one of the most mistreated, misguided, misjudged human beings on the face of the earth. It also just happens to be that I am black.

Now, as some of you know I am for Baltimore where the late Freddie Gray was mishandled and ultimately died at the hands of several police officers. Those same police officers were then found not guilty on all counts of charges. NOW, for those of you who feel like “Oh here we go again with another woe is black people blog” you are the main ones I encourage to stay and read this to the end and then feel free to never look again. This is not a business; I do not have to provide you with a level of customer service on my blog posts that satisfies you and quite frankly I could care less if people like you would ever read any of my blogs again. This blog site is for the open minded and everything is not for everybody so if you feel like you can’t debate and handle a difference of opinion like adults…well that is on you.:)

Meanwhile, since the beginning of time, we never needed a Willie Lynch letter to tell us how oppressed and strategic the demise of black people have been. Even in current times, a black man will go to jail for years and ruin his career for dog fighting but the white man never served an ounce of time for breeding and making black people the “aggressive animals” they now make us out to be. Now many will look and say “Did she just compare her own race to dogs?” YES!! And my question is are we not worth more than their life? Do we not serve more of a purpose and add more value to this life than them? It also then baffles me how priests are accused and found to be guilty of molesting children and yet Bill Cosby’s story of rape, in which half of the women can’t hold onto a story line to save their life, has continued to make the news and a court room through 2016! It makes me question humanity when a world renowned quarterback has multiple counts of rape added to his name and still will more then likely get into the Hall of Fame (if he isn’t already there I don’t know) and yet one instance where a black football player hits his fiance, ruins his career for good with no one wanting to touch him for fear of  “bad publicity”.

The point I make is that, as slaves we were bred and conditioned to make multiple babies, learn that punishable by force and/or death was necessary and to think being ignorant and poor was a way of life. Even after slavery when we were “set free” we were kept at bay and for many more years secretly (but not really secretly) still slaughtered at the hands of a white man if we were to ever think we could be anything more than “black” or come anywhere close to as superior as the “white man”. Years after that we were allowed to vote and laws were passed to allow us to have some of the same rights as our fellow Americans but they then made it to where businesses could pay whatever they deemed reasonable as long as it was above “minimum wage” and created “at will” employment so employers could release you with no questions asked as to why.

How then, do you get frustrated when as a race, about 90% of us are still learning to deprogram and actually believe in a system that is not for us. How then, do you expect for people who grew up watching their parents struggle day in and day out and family barely make ends meet and fight in the streets over the only thing they owned which was respect and their name, to actually have the courage and faith to believe that there is a way from under the thumb of the streets. How do you expect the dreams of the children to become lawyers, doctors, veterinarians, teachers, nurses, singers and dancers to  come to fruition if the only way they can get a college degree is if their family had the means to save and send them to college or they have to be one of the smartest kids in their class to get a scholarship. If every child has to be better than the next one, don’t you think someone will be rated at the bottom eventually? And even if all the children are as smart as the next, do you actually think that then they will all get a degree when there is a limit placed on the amount of scholarships provided for public schools in the first place?

For all the people that wants the killing to start and stop in the streets first before they get involved in Black Lives Matter, do you think these men and boys are growing Opium in their back yard and then cutting it up and selling it to themselves? Do you honestly think that if every black man put down a gun and put on a suit and went and applied for their nearest job, they would all be employed instantly? How so then do they provide for their families when even though unemployment has dropped (thank you Obama) it is still at a high enough rate which is mostly in urban areas? When your ancestors has embedded in you what was embedded in them which was to kill or be killed, where do you think they picked up the mentality from? Another black man? If minimum wage can’t even pay a mortgage or rent for the entire month, how do expect men to not turn to the streets to provide for their families and stay off the corners and ultimately out of jail?

I will never make an excuse for the black community doing what they do. I do not agree with killing each other, selling crack, weed and dope. There are some people who are just cold and heartless and don’t want to succeed in life within our community. I am not speaking for them. I just believe that is only about 2% of our community. The other 98% just need an out. For those of you who feel like we all have the same 24hrs in a day, you are right, unfortunately we all won’t get the same opportunities with those 24 hours. Society isn’t conditioned or formatted for us to get that. If you are naive to think that it starts within, you are apart of the problem and not the solution! It doesn’t start with us putting down the guns and not killing ourselves. It starts with us being given the opportunity to do better in the first place. Not just a “work hard and gain” opportunity. But the same grade A education, health care, recreational activities, funding and “officer friendlies” from the urban streets to the county lines. It starts from the top and then it trickles down to the roots. Ask yourself today: Could I walk a mile in their shoes everyday for my entire life?

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