Its All Over the News…and YET!! Nobody is Talking About It…

So…everybody is either highly pissed off at Michel’le releasing her story on lifetime after what seems like decades after her “alleged abuse” OR they are upset at Dr. Dre for the abuse itself. Either way, I am confused as to why this is so new and appalling to us, especially in the black community. Why it only becomes so appalling after it gets publicized. More importantly, if it is so appalling then why do the same people who find it disgusting on both sides, be the same people who experience it on both sides.

Truth be told, so many women who live for the fame and “good life” on social media and even television or the hairdresser or grocery store are the same ones who have experienced, been through or going through the same thing. The same men who are so ready to brush it off as simply “BS” or an attention cry are the same ones who have or are currently doing the same thing. Those men and women who jump on the opposite side simply have no understanding or empathy for the other’s opinion.

Who, if anybody in this world, has the right to frown their nose at the next person for accepting something, loving someone or making an error in judgement and allowing someone to deface them? And why do so many of y’all hate someone for a character defect, mistake, accident or immature personality trait when half of us know someone personally who has abused or is abusing even today. How many of y’all have stopped a domestic dispute and not just talked about one on social media? How many of y’all have stepped in a relationship that involved kids and said this is enough and stood up for at least the children witnessing the abuse? Oh OK **drops mic**

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