Smart Mouths Have the Most Brilliant Minds…or So I’ve Been Told

Women…especially black women…but women nonetheless, get criticized for having a “smart mouth”, strong and raw personality. Some men decide even that they cannot deal with women (of a “certain” race) because of it. I don’t know about y’all but I honestly could give a two craps about it. As a matter of fact, at three years old, my daughter plucks my last nerve with her openness and sometimes way to smart of a mouth! But!! As a strong, independent female, who is able to tackle a business world and survive through half the hell I have been through, I wouldn’t dare take that away from her!

You see, while you try to teach girls and young women how to get and keep a man, you forgot to teach them how to survive without one. With every bad trait, there can be 50 more great ones and I will not shame my daughter because she is one of the privileged women in America to not be afraid of what is on her mind. Now granted I may want to take her head off her shoulders from time to time, and I want her to learn how to turn it on and off, curve it all together, but I wouldn’t take that away from her for the world. I was raised in my childhood and preteen years without a voice. My teenage years I had a loud strong voice and didn’t care much about anyone elses’. As I climb to the end of my 20s, I must say, I am slowly but surely learning to curve that personality trait.

I am unapologetic about who I am, what I am and how I handle situations. I’m not always right,  sometimes I have to apologize and its not always pretty. However (there’s always a but so I used however lol) , I’ve survived homelessness, mental, physical, emotional and addiction (no not drugs but so what if it was?) abuse and I am STILL standing, kicking and soaring to new heights everyday! On top of my own personal accomplishments, I dare you to ask one man who has ever been with me to name more good then bad qualities and traits he saw while with me. I don’t always toot my own horn but I also know my worth.

I have worked long and hard and I still work hard to accept who I am. I also, plan to teach Casey (my daughter…yes) to try her best curve her “personality early on and also learn that she can still be a kick ass wife with her own personality and voice. I will also teach her to be patient and wait for a man who can HANDLE her at the level she will be at when he finds her. Hopefully, that’ll be enough for all of us. What personality trait are you trying to get rid of or bury instead of embracing and curving to fit you and the people around you? What are you trying to convince your child is “not acceptable behavior” instead of letting them embrace who they are? I’m good with my smart mouth! 🙂

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