A Quick Excerpt from my New Book “Inside Out”

“Finally, Nika ran out of the room screaming and hitting in a fit of rage. She startled both dad and mom, letting them both know that we had been watching all the time. One swift kick to his midsection and daddy was back on the ground. Mom fell to her knees gasping for air and crawling out the bathroom. Nika kicked again and this time daddy topped over and you could here in cry out in pain. Mommy was still gasping for air but had managed to stand up and lean on the rail. Nika ran into the bathroom and filled the glass cup up with water and gave it to her. Suddenly, my father jumped up, smacked Nika to the floor and again went for my mother’s throat; this time leaning her over the banister. You could see the fear now lit up in my mother’s eyes as she pleaded with him not to do this in front of me and Nika. Yet and still, he tightened his grip; as if by taking her life he knew he would be saving his own. Nika never got back up and I could see she was in pain. Without a thought, I stood up, tears running down my face but I never made a sound. In an instant, I took the wooden statue that was in the hallway and threw it right at my dad’s head. He fell again and this time he crawled closer to the steps. My mother flew into the bedroom and picked up the phone to dial 911. When she came back into the hallway, daddy was down the stairs and out the door and I just sat there…watching him.”

The full book releases Nov. 1st!! If you haven’t already go download your copy now on Amazon for just $3.99 (NO KINDLE NEEDED) at: 

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