Guided Hands: An inspiration from my trials….

I sit in his presence 

Yet I kno his name not…

I breathe in his air 

Yet what I exhale is from hell’s hot…

Fiery furnaces and rainbow sprinkles

All in the same day…same mind same thought 

The essence of my help is found in life’s wrinkles 

So how do I know what to believe 

When my mind cannot trust my heart 

Let alone trust those around me…so I grieve 

I pray but wonder who I’m praying to and where 

I mean really who and really where…is it clear

Because I’m not sure anymore if I even care 

yet every time I make a move it’s done in fear 

Wondering what this life holds at the end 

Wondering if who I pray to can see or even hear

Can he smell my dishonesty can he feel my pain

Or is it a she…can she relate or understand

Is my trials a joke to her is my belief in vain

Will I wake up from death in a happy ever after 

Or will I be numb…no thoughts to remember 
My journey of life is based off my laughter 

How I live & what I do but in the back of my mind

I can only wonder if it’s all for something or not at all

Am I making the right moves and how is that defined 

For now I guess I may never know

Every step I take I just have to make it in the now

Take every day for itself and just go with the flow…..

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