Being Loyal to Yourself =Being Loyal to Your Race?

So I was watching Dr. Umar Johnson on he Breakfast Club today and it posed a question that I don’t know how I feel about it. 

“Would you turn your son away if they came home with a white woman?”

 Now! Before you go on a tangent like I did (and Envy on the Breakfast Club) let me explain his way of thinking! Umar feels as though a white woman cannot possibly understand a black man’s struggle and therefore cannot support him like a black woman who understands the racial war. Now at first I sat and thought like “well that makes sense”. However! After thinking about it, how can a black woman understand a black man’s struggle any more than a white woman? We are both watching from the sidelines and SOME (even though it’s about 2 out of 10) white women are just as outraged by what they see as we are. 

On top of the fact that all any woman can do is support her man and empathize with him, how can I tell my son who to bring home? If I live in a prodominately white area, how can I force my son to look at any other race as “less worthy” to date him? Now Dr. Johnson says that African Americans is the only culture who is “scared” to teach their men to be loyal to themselves. But just because other cultures teach racism and self loath does that make it right? Won’t doing what they do just make us as bad as them? That mentality (to me) states that we are saying what they are doing is right OR that being superior is more important than being right! Either way I can’t get with the idea of stooping to the white supremacy’s level in order to try and “one up” them or become superior.

I think the reason why the black culture has proved more favorable is because we do NOT stoop to that level. And I don’t think that’s weak or not being loyal to yourself. I think that’s actually staying true to yourself and your beliefs in spite of what’s happening around you. Our INFERIOR mentality comes from us holding onto the mindset of what white people say we are and what we can be and not actually believing in ourselves. I think I’m 2017 there is no way what race we are with or what race we associate ourselves with determines what I think of my self. More importantly it’s the types of characters we associate with. 

We give white people to much power. Allowing them to think that what they do to the government, what they do the neighborhood, who they put in office can stop us. If my son comes home with a white woman and he is happy and excelling in life, isn’t he beating the odds already? Does that really mean he doesn’t like himself as a black man or does that just mean he likes people for more than how much pigment is in their skin? The only thing I pray for my son is that he stays healthy, safe and happy. How can he be successful if he’s focused on color? I highly doubt if my child is “winning” in life, I’ll say “oh no son! You’re failing because she is white.” That’s just as shallow and erroneous as the white man we shame everyday.
DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER! But feel free to fire back! 😉

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