Some Needs to Hear This! 

Unfortunately the happily ever after doesn’t happen the first or even second time around. Sometimes as you grow you learn that all love ain’t healthy and love isn’t the only thing that counts in a relationship. You understand that trying to fix someone to who you want them to be and then sticking around because of “time invested” only makes it worse and makes you resentful. Sometimes, just sometimes it’s not that you didn’t mean your I Do’s…but that they’ve been choked by selfishness and disrespect and u have to weigh your heart and love against your mental and physical health.

And don’t ever think that choosing you over words and a piece of paper is wrong. Because it takes two and the one thing you have to resonate in your spirit is that God allows for mistakes. He loves you and he wants you to be happy…mentally, physically and emotionally stable and to be loved as he loves you. Sometimes God did not put two together but man did and why ppl feel that you should suffer for the rest of your life and be succumb to unhappiness because of one choice is baffling. It’s not that divorce is not an option but it should be the LAST option and marriage should be taken more serious than is he a provider, does she cook, does he wants kids and is she independent. Dig deeper. Look at their heart, How they treat other people, do you both want the same thing out of life (financially, emotionally, spiritually), how are they when they’re angry and more importantly those bad flaws you see…think of the worst case scenario and ask yourself can you live with that. Too many ppl don’t go deep in enough or analyze far enough.

Marriage is something that needs to be analyzed fully because once your in, getting out will be the hardest decision of your life. Peer pressure, religion, family values, children, income, assets will all play a factor. If you analyze the relationship and that itself doesn’t make you feel like it’s more good then bad days, don’t plan a wedding. Don’t say yes! Because yes there will be rough times, storms will come. Some that you never imagined dealing with. But no one should be used, abused or taken advantage of in the name of a vow. You shouldn’t feel lower than the bottom of your shoe inside and smile on the outside. You shouldn’t have to force someone to love you and give you what they promised and you shouldn’t be subject to someone else’s distorted view of how fights all the time are “normal”. Make your own normal. I watched someone spend 18 years together and be miserable the whole way through. Fighting everyday, wanting a divorce every new year, cheating & more. That isn’t normal! When you have to start taking medication for depression, anxiety and even having thoughts of suicide, something has to change. Yes you will fight. Yes you will be angry…sometimes for days. But constant battle, disrespect and neglect is not marriage. It’s not any relationship.

Love you enough to know that you’re worth more than a mistake you made. That you made your choice based off the information you had at the time and sometimes, people get over on you. Sometimes your own heart plays a trick on you. Learn your worth and make sure the next time you learn from that relationship! Move on so you can grow and prosper. Don’t allow a piece of paper to dictate your self worth! It takes two to make a relationship work. And it’s okay to outgrow and out smart a dead situation!
Your welcome 😉<<<<<<

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