Cheaters Never Win…

I was on Facebook the other day and the topic was “Is taking lunch from a male coworker cheating”. Now of course I felt like no or it really depends on the situation and circumstances around the lunch. Like you can’t buy my man lunch everyday or even every Wednesday “just because”. My territorial side just won’t like it!

But then it got me to thinking: Why do people cheat in the first place. I know there are those instances where you love someone but it’s just toxic or you’re unhappy and you meet someone who shows you all the attention in the world. And I also get that sometimes things just really do happen. But not those times!! Lol…I’m talking about men and women who constantly flirt with the opposite sex (sometimes the same) or make inappropriate comments that lead to inappropriate conversations that may or may not lead to inappropriate actions.

If you have a spouse or someone you’re seeing, why is it also necessary to acknowledge or engage in inappropriate actions with other people just “for fun”? That is the part that sickens me. Men (and women) play with people’s emotions just to have five seconds of fame “for fun”. Because believe it or not, that’s where cheating starts! It doesn’t start at sex or exchange in numbers or even a “DM”. It starts with the flirting or the extra lunches they buy. Yes there are some “thirsty” people who just decide that they will shoot their shot with no shot visible BUT most times there has been advances made that were either ignored or accepted that led to the follow up “shot”. That’s just the real deal.

And let’s stop fooling ourselves people: Social media doesn’t destroy relationships…inappropriate comments and thirsty, over the top post liking does. So fellas: You get mad when your girl catches you putting heart eyes under that naked picture because it’s just “social media” right?? Well what happens when that naked female responds to one of those comments of you “loving” her selfies with a DM or a similar comment on one of your pics? Let’s say that continues on for months of just “pic lovin”. Are we to believe and just trust that it’ll stay that way for eternity and no one will get out of line or go too far because we are the girlfriend?? Exactly my thoughts: FAIRYTALE!

The truth is social media is a place of socializing and talking to people. Think of it as a lounge or club and everyone is in that room. Would you walk across the room and tell a female how gorgeous she is and how much you love her outfit with your girlfriend across the room?? Some of you will be stubborn and say yes (Some of you really would LOL) but for most of the men and women reading this your thinking it over aren’t you?

And how do I know for a fact that social media is not “just social media”?? My relationship now for almost of 2 years started off on FB and him “loving” all my pics. And guess who went into the DM?? Yup I did (you thought I would say him huh? Lol)! From strangers on the side of the road changing a tire, to FB friends, to text buddies, to friends with benefits, to lovers. Those are the facts and I know I’m not the only one! Outside of social media though, what about the guy on the job who always offers lunch or the girl who brings in what she cooked the next day…EVERYDAY? When do you nip those in the bud? Should you be “rude” by declining on the first offer? Is that a conversation you have with your spouse before or after you accept? And more importantly why is it so hard to figure out or debate on what’s cheating and what’s not???

My sole opinion: If it feels like you have to hide it, you probably shouldn’t do it! Most importantly if you wouldn’t like it done to you, you may want to rethink doing it to them! Just my thoughts though. And opinions are like assholes….


  1. This was really good and it’s absolutely true!! It’s so much I wanna say it most definitely will be to long for me to type but yes I’ve been guilty but at the same token if I’m with someone that I really wanna be with and think about having a commitment with ALL FLIRTING IS OFF !! And that’s the problem NO
    body wants commitment anymore they wanna do them and that’s in anyway possible but if I’m with you it’s just YOU

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