She is….

She is me..full of love and sassy

Superstitious personality and love

So deep it over flows in the deepest waters

The passions inside my greenest flowers

She is me…full of sexuality

Promiscuity and exciting sexual quality

She uses her curves to insinuate her needs

To secure her identity and replant her seeds

Of love, trust and fantasy

It’s in her eyes…those hazel brown legacies

She is me…full of unsureness

So she hides behind her thick lips & pureness

Hiding all her insecurities

That wounds her ego & contrasts her pretty

For she does not see that her heavenly thighs

Are wide as far as the eyes can travel but not because she is cursed but because she is a burst

A fresh breath of air and connotation in the sky

A firefly that cannot fly because she sees not her own melodies but the beats of someone else’s sea

She is me…so full of promise

Her eyes so bright and her future the longest

Through her own eyes though she can excel

To new heights when she puts her own mind in it is when she propels…

She is me…

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