Reflection of Him

If I am a reflection of Him then what does my reflection say

If I am created in his image then why don’t I pray like he once did pray

If i confess with my tongue and repent with my heart

Does that make these nightmares and bad times go away in the dark

If he loves me and I am prosperous in his eyes

Then why with every turn my dreams my realities and my dies

Why is the world around me so cold

No matter the choice why does my table fold

If I shall mount up with wings like eagles

Then why has life been no crystal stair case or pretty painted easel…

If he walks with me through the valley of the shadow of death

Then where is my relief when my heart is coming thru my chest

Can I not wonder what the purpose is

Because faith of a mustard seed is the only answer for this

Can I not question or wonder about anything outside of what was told to me

Because you are a jealous God and your wrath is what I’ll see

Should I love you or fear you

And if I have to fear you than I don’t want that love too

I can’t b wrong for thinking with the common sense you gave

And I can’t help but feel like my higher power didn’t give me free will to be enslaved

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