“Playa playa from the Himalayas”: An Outdated Thought Process

Do y’all know who job is? He was in the Bible and I don’t know much about him but I do know the saying “you have the patience of Job”. That typically means that a person has an amazing amount of patience! So my question is: Why in the entire hell are women said to need so much patience and love and understanding when dealing with am underdeveloped man.

We are not going call him immature today. We are not going to call him a piece of shit. We are not even going to call him a lying cheating bastard. Someone, somewhere down the line bread these type of men. Where being underdeveloped and immature, egotistical, male whoring human being. Now, in today’s society, women are expected to nurture and care for men. Even wait for them to become who we need them to be. After all, no one is perfect right?

Imperfect is leaving the toilet seat up every night for me to only fall in the toilet in the morning. Imperfect is having to be asked 3 times to take the trash out or get the brakes fixed on the car. Let me tell you what imperfect is not: imperfect is NOT sleeping around with other women. Imperfect is NOT flirting or entertaining other women while you are in a relationship. Imperfect is NOT being physically, emotionally and verbally abusive. Imperfect is NOT calling someone insecure when you have caused the damage to their self esteem with the lies you have told.

Ok now that we know what imperfect is and is not, now answer why a woman is said to be too uptight or nagging or unrealistic when she expects to find a man who is not perfect but not disrespectful to and harmful to her emotional, physical and psychological being? Why is it so unrealistic to expect a man to be faithful, be loving and kind and treat you with respect? Why can’t we have a man who won’t do to us what he doesn’t want done to him.

In society, women are constantly told “Men mature slower than women” or “Boys will be boys” or my favorite “All men cheat”. We are conditioned to believe that men don’t know any better and it’s in his nature to just be immature until he’s somewhere in his 40s and slows down and THEN AND ONLY THEN if he still is an asshole (I know I said no name calling) then he’s just a lost cause or he’s too old. Meanwhile women are expected to be the exact opposite.

Women are said that they need to be patient with their men, love their men and learn to be forgiving until a man becomes who he is meant to be. If a man dogs a woman out, then he just hasn’t found the “one”. Explain to me how that woman picks herself up from the damage an underdeveloped man has caused? We are expected not to bring our baggage with us from the past hurt while men get hurt one time and never love again. And that’s normal!

What happened to being human. The ratio of women being hurt to men is excessively high and yet, women still go on and try to pick themselves up and love again or be forced to be alone because there is no one worth loving. Yes we know men: women can be underdeveloped too! HOWEVER, undeniably and undebatable is the fact that their are so many excuses for men and why they do what they do that it is almost expected from them.

I would encourage women to start raising sons that understand that damaging a woman is like someone damaging their mother. Or that purposely hurting someone by lying or being in a relationship when you’re not ready is disgusting and wrong. They need to know that there is NO excuse and karma will make them feel it or can skip them and go to their kids or kids’ kids. Maybe if we started raising these boys to just know that this is simple math. Wrong is wrong and right is right. There is no maturity issue. Only selfishness and stereotypes.

Maybe if this was a thing. There wouldn’t be so many damaged women ruining relationships or suffering from insecurities within themselves and then raising their sons to repeat the cycle because all they see is men doing it to their mommy. How so do we break the cycle? Which generation of men will just say “Let me be better then the ones before me”? Wishful thinking?? Maybe…

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